There are a lot of advantages to video conferencing, and it’s becoming more and more popular thanks to technology and environmental concerns. However, it’s worth considering the possible disadvantages too.

As with the advantages, the disadvantages of video conferencing will vary, both in number and extent, depending on a variety of factors.

Knowing what the most common or general disadvantages might be for a wide range of conference and meeting types, will help you make an informed decision when planning your next conference.

What you can be sure of, from the start, is that there will be some disadvantages. You’ll need to weigh up these specific disadvantages against both general and specific advantages, in light of things like:

  • Type of conference
  • Goal of conference
  • Whether networking plays a role or not
  • Number of participants
  • Where they are coming from … etc.
  • Costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Convenience

General disadvantages of video-conferencing:

  • Global time differences. If you have participants in vastly differing time zones, some of them will be inconvenienced. This may also affect how well they are able to participate and may result in some not being willing to participate.
  • IT infrastructure and software. While it’s easy to share documents and notes, time delays and connection issues can cause havoc – and severely impact on the success of a conference.
  • If networking or informal discussion would normally be of benefit to the participants and the goal of the conference, video-conferencing may not be the best option – other advantages aside. You may need to sacrifice some real benefits (such as the savings and environmental aspects) for the conference to meet goals.

Possibly the biggest disadvantage?

While it doesn’t weigh heavily against the many benefits – on a practical level – video conferencing can be impersonal. Worse, it can be uninteresting and uninspiring lacking warmth and humour. This can impact on the success of the conference in many ways. There’s a reason for the costly venues, catering, parties, activities and those other ‘not strictly necessary’ frills – well beyond the ‘networking’ value.

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