Video conferencing is now a more efficient and often more sensible option to conferences that require physical attendance. The suite of tools that come with video conferencing, as well as fast internet speeds and reliability, have made it a full replacement option for traditional conferences. However, video conferencing is also a very useful and effective presentation tool in itself at conferences. You can have local attendees at an event in person, and international ‘virtual attendees’ or presenters.

The main advantages of video conferencing:

  • Cost effective: No travel expenses! No venue hire! No catering! (Or – if video conferencing is included in an event to include a number of non-attendees, reduced costs.)
  • Environmentally friendly: We are all by now familiar not only with the term ‘carbon footprint’ but it’s impact and importance in our daily lives. Conscience aside, businesses in particular can no longer afford to ignore their responsibilities toward reducing their impact on the environment in every way possible. At this point, businesses and individuals and academics with public profiles are being held publicly accountable. This presents the most currently relevant advantages of video conferencing.
    Conferences, particularly international conferences, have always had a significant impact on the environment with regards to the carbon footprint from travel. Video conferencing may not be able to replace every kind of conference (there are those that benefit from face-to-face networking aspects) but where video conferencing can replace physical attendance, either collective or individual carbon footprint can be reduced all the way to zero.
  • Convenience and Logistics: This hardly needs an explanation. With video conferencing, everyone can attend, and anyone who can’t (e.g. because of time differences), can be brought up to speed quickly thanks the advantages of video-conferencing tools.
  • Tools: Video conferencing comes a variety of tools that save time and increase efficiency. Info is exchanged in real-time and there is instant, irrefutable, error-free recording.
  • Compartmentalisation and efficient outcomes: Another of the advantages of video conferencing is that it allows for the breaking up of meetings into separate, smaller meetings. Where the agenda is large, with multiple areas to be covered, much of it could be covered inadequately in one or two days. With video conferencing, multiple, shorter, more to-the-point meetings can be arranged.

HB Connect has a variety of smaller rooms with lightning speed internet and facilities to hold your video conference. We will plan the logistics and you can plan your conference, just give us a call and we can assist you with your video conference.