HB Connect has various rooms so you can plan you event to perfection. The seating arrangement is very important and can get fairly complicated with the amount of people attending your conference. Communication is a top factor at any event; you want your audience to receive your message loud and clear. Once you have received all your RSVP’s you can put some thought into how you would like your seating style to be. Both the speaker/presenter and the audience should be comfortable with the visual and auditory range.

The Auditorium

Chairs are aligned in consecutive rows and face the front of the room, so your audience will experience a theatre or cinema effect. This is a good seating arrangement for larger audience as the auditorium provides maximum seating. Auditoriums provide excellent seating arrangements for product launches, presentations and general meetings.

  • Your audience interaction will be limited as they only face the presenter and not each other.
  • Auditoriums do not provide any table tops, so your audience will have no place for their writing materials.
  • You will not be able to provide your audience with food or drink.

The Class/School room

We have all been to school so this style takes us back to school, with chairs and tables in consecutive straight rows. The classroom provides a similar effect to the auditorium for a smaller and more intimate audience.

  • The seats all face the front of the function room, with attention on the speaker/presenter.
  • This seating arrangement comes with tables so it allows for note taking and the consumption of food and beverages.
  • Audience interaction is less likely as they are not facing each other.

The U Shape seating arrangement

This style of seating is in the shape of the letter U, with the tables and chairs arranged with an open end with the audience facing inwards. The open end allows for a focal point for the audience whilst being open for the presenter/speaker to engage with the audience members. This seating is popular for training, conferences, workshops and meetings.

  • This seating is more intimate as the audience members are facing each other.
  • The members seated on the side may have to tilt their chair to have a better visual of the focal point.

The Boardroom seating arrangement 

Usually there is a large elongated table, with the audience all facing inwards, encouraging the audience to interact as they all face inwards. The boardroom seating is great for small meetings, interviews, small presentations and company briefings.

  • Allows people to have writing material and for food and beverages.
  • Does not have a focal point, so make sure the main presenter is sitting at the had of the table.

With over 10 conference rooms and an auditorium, HB Connect can assist you with your seating arrangements. Chairs and tables can be moved to give your audience the attention they deserve. With so many different seating styles, make sure that you use as much floor space as possible for maximum benefits and comfort.