Incorporating some of the following ideas into your next conference or event may make it a more engaging and memorable experience for your attendees. Excellent experiences leave a great impression, positive word of mouth and increase the chance that your audience will return year after year. By keeping the health and well-being of your attendees in mind, they’ll have higher energy to devote to the networking and educational opportunities you’re providing.

The optimal attention span for a person who is engaged in listening to a speaker is approximately twenty minutes; that is if the audience is actually interested in what the talk is about. 20 minutes into the talk and focus begins to fade until no one is listening anymore. By guiding your audience and adding some healthy alternatives you will be able to hold their focus and interest for a longer time.

Use Music as a relaxer or fun factor at your Conference
Music certainly is a universal language and can be used as either a relaxer or a fun factor. If you have ever watched an Ellen Degeneres show you can understand why she dances. It delights her audience and gets their focus back on to the show. Using music in between speakers can relax and entertain your audience and get them ready for the next 20 minutes of focus.

Healthy power snacks and water at your Conference
Food and snacks are one of the hardest things to organise for a conference with so many people dieting, allergies to food and just plain old picky foodies. It may be worth your while to ask a nutritionist to assist you in making healthy choices for a wide range of tastes. Make sure you offer diet friendly snacks and a variety of juices and water during breaks that cater to the health-conscious.

Stretch the muscles as well as the mind at your Conference
Have yoga and stretch moments throughout the day. It is well documented that it helps with children’s attention spans; adults are just grown up children. Ask a yoga or fitness instructor to assist you with this; at the same time promoting their business. Deep-breathing and stretching muscle techniques by a professional will help to sharpen the reflexes and awaken the mind.

By paying attention to some of the most affluent programs on Television and the internet you can pick up some inspiration for your Conference. TED Talks in particular only allows 20 minutes for a guest speaker and they scatter humour within some serious topics, bring in their audience for incredibly memorable talks. HB Connect Conference Centre looks forward to assisting you with some creative ideas to engage and reach your specific audience.