What is the Master of Ceremonies (MC) role in your conference?

If you have many people attending your conference, a Corporate MC, or Master of Ceremonies, can make all the difference between success and failure. The MC is the person who ties it all together, keeps it all together, and ensures attendee engagement – with the conference presentations and events, with each other, and with you as the conference-holder.

Master of Ceremonies Organise and Engage – but it’s equally essential they Represent, Entertain and Inspire:

A Professional Corporate MC works with you for the duration of a conference – assisting you while freeing you up to network and participate in the conference, to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour in preparing the conference, all while keeping things on schedule and running smoothly.

One of the most important roles of an MC is to entertain – at a level appropriate for a Corporate event.

This is where a professional Corporate MC comes in. They know how to represent your business’s brand and style with speeches, introductions and presentations that keep people interested, focused and inspired – with just enough humour to lighten the atmosphere and make it feel as much like entertainment and fun as business. Master of Ceremonies don’t just represent your business, but also any sponsors, the conference venue and other parties with input into the event.

They do so in the course of greeting the audience, introducing schedules and events, speakers and presentations, acknowledging and thanking sponsors and other parties – while relaxing, engaging and/or hyping the audience.

Corporate MCs and Audio-Visual Presentations:

MCs also introduce audio-visual presentations and use or present audio-visual themselves. A great introduction and/or partial management of an audio-visual can help give it impact, mitigate the effects of any stats, details (or even other presenters) that would otherwise contribute to loss of attention over the duration of an event.

If you are holding a conference or an event you may not want to have a MC for many reasons.

  • Your company may have an excellent speaker that can serve as an MC
  • Your Conference is too small to have an MC
  • Your conference has confidential information

However, a MC’s role is too introduce speakers, engage with the audience, makes announcements and keeps the flow of your conference going and on time. Hiring a professional MC may be a good idea as their expertise can make all the difference. Working together with an event planner and the conference facility could make your event one to remember.