Event planners, oftentimes called corporate event and conference planners, are integral to a successful conference. People underestimate just how much planning is involved in a conference or event. An event planner has to find an accessible and equipped event venue, juggle timetables, plan decor, find catering, and much more. Hours of labour are involved in planning even the smallest of events. If your company is interested in hosting a conference or other event, you might want to consider hiring an event planner. Here are a few of the benefits:

No stress: Not only is event planning time-consuming, but it can also be quite stressful. With a seemingly endless to-do list, you could find yourself spending hours on the phone negotiating with caterers and might even have to handle last-minute cancellations. An event planner is not only well equipped to deal with stressful situations, but they also have the hands-on experience necessary to breeze through these tasks efficiently.

Cost-efficient: Every reputable meeting planner has a binder full of connections. A common misconception about hiring an event planner is that it will cost you more money than it would to plan the event yourself. However, this is never the case. Event planners are able to use their established connections to get better deals on everything from catering to decor.

Experience: Let’s be honest- an event planner has much more experience planning meetings and events than the average person. What may seem like a good idea to someone who is planning an event for the first time could actually be a terrible one. Only an experienced event planner would be able to identify these issues and plan a successful event.

AT HB Connect, we work closely with event planners to ensure that they have everything they need to plan a successful event. Our event venue is designed to help event planners do their jobs as easily and efficiently as possible. Whether your event planner is organising a small conference or a large corporate event, they can count on us to help with anything they need. We offer not only an exquisite event venue, but also catering, audio visual equipment, and a wide variety of conference packages, so book your conference with us today.