Oftentimes, business events start to all feel the same. The food is similar, the schedule is almost identical, and guests can likely rehearse the presentations from memory. As an event planner, it’s your job to ensure that your event is completely unique. If you want it to be impactful, your evening event needs to be different from all the rest! There’s good news: you don’t have to be particularly creative in order to host a one of a kind event! Regardless of the type of evening event you plan on hosting, here are a few tips to make it memorable:

Logo badges for your Evening Conference
When you host an evening event, it’s crucial that you give out name tags. Remember that your event is also a space where attendees can network and make friends. However, instead of simple name tags, try using logo badges instead. By including your event or company logo, the name badges look professional and can be a great memento.

Incorporate social media for your Evening Conference
Regardless of whether your evening conference is going to be a business conference or a gala dinner, it’s important to incorporate social media. In this day and age, everyone has a social media account- in fact; most people have accounts on every major social media platform! By incorporating social media into your event using Instagram frames or hashtags, you can help market your company and boost awareness about your event.

Make event merchandise for your Evening Conference
Who doesn’t love merch? A great way to make your evening event one to remember is to offer event merch like tee shirts and notebooks. Whether you offer these items to attendees for free or sell them, they act as marketing tools and mementos.

Consider booking conference accommodation
If you are hosting an evening event, chances are that your attendees will be too tired to drive home. If your event is large, attendees may have even flown in from out of state. For these reasons, you should consider booking conference accommodation. If your event will be held at HB Connect, there are several reputable hotels located within minutes of our conference venue.

Whether you are planning to host a business conference or product launch, all of these tips will help your evening event stand out. By making your event personal and professional, your attendees are guaranteed to have a great time. When you plan your evening event strategically and account for every detail- including conference accommodation- your event is sure to be memorable