Every conference planner will be faced with creating a memorable evening meal – while staying in budget. Expectations may be high, while budgets are tight, so it can be quite a challenge. The trick is to get creative but ‘keep it simple’ at the same time.

Here are some great ideas for evening conference food:


  1. Buffets:

Buffets are an old favourite – for good reason.

  • Buffets are especially good when there are many guests. In this case, traditional serving of food would see half your guests finishing their meal before the other half get theirs!
  • Buffets also allow for a variety of meals to suit all tastes, especially in the evening.

Want something special? How about a Vegan Buffet – with some ‘meat’ alternatives for the die-hard carnivores available ‘a la carte’. Vegan food is in vogue – and the selection is quite surprising. However, to make a success of this, you need to ensure that the vegan or vegetarian food is catered by professionals in preparing vegan food. You might just create a few ‘veggie converts’ along the way!

2.Demo evenings:

Only if all the talks, presentations and lectures are done with! This would also work for smaller groups.

  • Try a food origin theme – e.g. Japanese Cuisine. Bring in an authentic Japanese chef to demonstrate their culinary art and talk about the food they are preparing.
  • Or a world culinary arts demo – with different types of dishes, from different parts of the world.

The above 2 ideas are just one of hundreds of demo and/or theme evenings you could choose.


Snack- style food is another in-fashion conference meal option. It can be any kind of food, for any palate, to suit any preferences and lifestyle choices.

Made famous by bars in Spain, and perfected by SA Wine Estates – Tappas spreads can’t be beaten when there is a presentation or visual entertainment.

Whatever you do, be sure to include the modern take on vegan and vegetarian food – ‘excellent and innovative’. Especially vegan. It’s serious business these days.

At HB Connect we understand that each person has a certain dietery requirement .We not only provide you with superb food but we do Kosher and Halaal meals on your request.