There are so many details that go into planning a conference. First, there is finding a conference venue, then finding speakers, then worrying about conference decor and audio visual equipment…the list goes on. Whether you are looking for a conference venue in Sandton or Cape Town, there are a few universal conference decor trends for 2019. Whether you are planning a conference for a small business or large corporation, here are the top 3 conference decor trends to follow this year:

Incorporate branding into your Conference
Branding is crucial to any business, regardless of its size or industry. Branding should not only be incorporated into conference decor, but it should be at the very centre. The conference theme should be built around the company brand to remind those in attendance why they are there.

Use good lighting for your Conference
Using the proper lighting is so important when it comes to conference decor. The right type and amount of lighting is necessary for both speakers on the stage and the audience. Remember that your branding should stay at the centre of your conference decor design. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even customise the lights to be the same colour as your brand!

Use modern and simple Decor for your Conference
In 2019, experts expect to see conference decor with a mix of modern and industrial flair. While this may mean sleek white decor for some conferences, it doesn’t mean that your decor has to be so plain! Consider using conference decor that incorporates mixed metals, such as copper and gold, and some iridescent colours, whether they are soft pastels or pops of colour.

When it comes to conferences, let 2019 be your year! Whether you are planning a technology conference or an insurance conference, remember that conference decor can set the tone. If you are looking for a conference venue in Sandton and want to ensure that you have the perfect conference decor and room capacity reach out to HB Connect. This venue is a premiere conference centre in Sandton that offers comprehensive packages that include catering, conference decor, audio visual equipment, and more!