When it comes to planning a conference, there are several important items that may come to mind. Finding a venue, securing speakers, catering and planning the conference schedule are all crucial. But what about the audience? While many event planners can expertly plan details like catering and decor, they struggle when it comes to the actual conference. What happens if the audience engagement is poor? How can you encourage audience participation? Here are the top two tips to improve audience attention and engagement at your conference:

Choose key speakers well: It’s one thing to have a relevant key speaker, but another thing entirely to have an engaging key speaker. When looking for speakers for your conference, keep your audience in mind. Will the speaker be able to captivate the audience? Will they be able to evoke emotions in the audience?

Use audio visual equipment: It’s important that your conference is not reminiscent of a college lecture. The key to audience engagement is interacting with them rather than simply talking at them. Audio visual equipment can come in handy in this regard because it captures the attention of those with different learning styles, as well as breaks up the monotony of a lecture.

Audience engagement is crucial at any event. Every detail of the conference can be planned perfectly, but if your audience is not engaged, the event will fail. It can be extremely awkward when it’s time for audience interaction and they are all falling asleep or not paying attention. When you throw an event, you want the audience to be intrigued, engaged, and excited to participate. This kind of energy can turn a normal conference into one that will be remembered for years to come. In order to ensure optimal audience engagement, be sure to use some of the tips listed above.