Serving alcohol at your business can be a complicated decision. The decision on whether you serve alcohol at your business conference hinges on four main factors:

The purpose or type of work conference: It’s almost taken without question that alcohol should be stocked for an informal or weekend conference, but alcohol at your business conference can add an element of fun to them. Imagine networking without something to calm the nerves and loosen the tongue (just a bit of course). Yes, even high-powered white-collar executives and CEO’s can do with a glass of their preferred ‘tipple’ to make socialising easier. Many deals have been done on the back of a drink or two, as they have on the Golf course.

An MC’s role will certainly be made much easier if there is an entertainment aspect that requires an MC at your conference! A relaxed audience is a receptive audience – and a happy MC.

The length and time of the business conference: If it’s a day conference, tea and coffee or some healthy fresh juices might go down better, especially if people are going to be driving home at the end of the afternoon. A similar event going into the evening would be enhanced by serving alcoholic drinks with canapes.

Any cultural and religious objections from the attendees:
This could be tricky if you have a very multi-cultural group, with some who feel uncomfortable with alcohol being served. If you suspect that may be the case, it’s worth asking your attendees beforehand whether they would object. Don’t just assume, either way!

Whether food is also being served:
Unless you know people will object, not expect alcohol, or it has been pre-arranged that there won’t be any, you should have a variety of alcoholic drinks available as an option at conferences where a meal is being served, especially for an evening conference. You should serve champagne, beer and wine, at the very least, if canapes will be passed around.

Simple ‘rule of thumb’: If food is served at a business conference, there should be alcohol – served as an aperitive and available to order from the ‘bar’.

HB Connect will assist you in planning your business conference and will help you with any beverage choices that you require.