Academic Conferences are a very specific type of conference. They are designed for researchers and academics to present their work. Academic conferences are also opportunities for academics to discuss the work they have done with their peers – in the same or related academic or scientific fields.

There is also an element of gaining recognition and having one’s research and work recognised by the academic community, while creating ties with others at the same time. So networking is a big, and crucial, part of academic conferences. This isn’t for vanity either. It’s an essential aspect to sustaining academic careers and getting the recognition and visibility required to entice funding, grants and citations in scientific and academic papers.

So – as to Presentation: It’s an easy 1.2:

1. Informal to Fun – Academic Conferences MUST HAVES!
As in any situation that involves the meeting of great minds, there needs to be some let up to the formality. One could say that the more scientific or academic a conference, the more relaxation or letting off of steam.

Depending on the size of the conference, there needs to be an appropriate informal part of an academic conference event. For a small, one day conference, a luncheon would be appropriate. If there’s an overnight, a cocktail party leading on to a supper with some form of entertainment. Perhaps a comedian, or a band.

Depending on the guests and the extent to which ‘hair must be let down’, a you could consider a dress-up party. (Ok – we have to admit this here – we got this idea from an episode of ‘House’ where they attend a Medical Conference. But that’s ok, because you can’t get more ‘academic and fun at the same time’ than that!)

2. Multi-Media and Theatre Venue – for the Serious part of an Academic Conference:
Fun aside – people travel long distances for academic conferences. Sometimes across the world. And they are not coming for the party. They are coming for a professional, well-organised event with excellent presentations. It’s essential that you have enough seating, multi-media equipment and well air-conditioned theatre-style conference rooms.

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