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September 27, 2018
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5 Tips for Planning a Breakfast Conference


Planning a conference includes setting up the venue and most importantly food. Everyone gets hungry at a conference and it helps keep the energy levels at their peak.

Planning a conference is no easy task no matter how many people are attending. There is a venue to find, catering, décor and time to sort out. Planning a breakfast conference is no less difficult than planning a full day conference.

Some easy tips for the panning of your breakfast Conference

Number of attendees at your breakfast Conference.

It is the most important part of any conference, the quantity of people attending. Send out your Invitations well ahead of time and make a firm RSVP date. Once you know how many people are attending you can choose your correct room size and put your plans into motion.

Location for your Breakfast Conference

If you do not have a location within your office space you will need to outsource it to another venue. Once your attendee total is in, you can start looking for a suitable Conference centre. Make sure the venue has enough space and seating to accommodate everyone.

Breakfast conferences are generally local, so make sure your venue has enough parking space for your guests. Never be shy to ask the venue to answer your questions, they are there to assist you in making your Conference a success.

Providing Materials and equipment

There are some supplies that should be readily available on the day of the conference; including plenty of stationary (yes…we still use it). If your guests are using their own laptops, make sure that there are enough plug points for everyone, things can go flat and there will always be someone with a flat battery.

Make sure to test computers, internet connections, projectors, and other audio visual equipment before the conference to make sure everything is in working order.

Provide a welcome desk for your Conference Attendees

Have you ever walked in to a conference centre and have no clue where to go? Imagine how your guests feel when they walk in and there is no one to greet them. Lost is never a good feeling!

Provide them with a beverage and if your conference is large enough make sure there are name tags available. Each attendee should have a written agenda of events for the conference, including any guest speakers, giveaways and where the breakfast will be held.

Breakfast Conference food selections

Food is always difficult when it comes to a large number of people; there are vegetarians, vegans, banters and people with food allergies. A buffet type breakfast would suit almost every palate, although they can be time consuming. If a buffet is not suitable, make sure that you have asked your guests for any particular dietary needs, making sure there is something suitable to eat for everyone.

Time your breakfast so that it does not interfere with your event timetable and make sure there is plenty of coffee, tea and water.

If you feel under stress whilst organising your breakfast Conference, DELEGATE! People enjoy feeling like they are part of the team and they will enjoy being part of a successful breakfast conference.

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